About us


To provide resilient and affordable Space and Cyberspace capabilities for the Allied Forces and Humanity.

As a result, ATSC’s activities make the space domain reliable to allied warfighters and civilians by assuring their access to space.

“Guardians of the High Frontier”


We are the best military based Organization in the ‘verse, since we are actually led by a real military officer!

Alpha Team Space Command (ATSC) specializes in freelancing and security. For freelancing, each of our members have the right to play on their own and make their own money, resources, etc. But when a member needs help, they can call up ATSC support and we will dispatch assistance as needed.

It is completely up to each member if they wish to take part in any mission.

But overall, the ATSC is about doing what you want, and having support when you need it. It doesn’t matter if you play one hour a week or 8 hours a day, you would be a valuable member of our PMC!

If you are a member of a different organization, no problem! Join us and build a relationship between us so that we can prosper together. We can provide mutually beneficial support and services. The ATSC can provide protection, defense of specific locations or persons, capture or elimination of High Value Targets (HVTs) or High Value Individuals (HVIs) as the law permits, conduct Search & Rescue operations, and more.


First things first: we are not here to boss you around and tell you how to have fun. You are free to do what you want; we specialize in freelancing after all. We have a command structure to help keep us organized and operationally ready. The only time we would ask that you listen to higher ranking individuals is when we are conducting a more organized operation where command and control is necessary.

We have a proven command structure that allows us the proper amounts of command and control for official ATSC missions. More specifically, to have centralized control but decentralized execution. What this means is, you will be a part of an organized mission without being micromanaged at the tactical level!

This is all possible through our Major Commands (MAJCOMs). MAJCOMs are strategic echelons directly under HQ ATSC that provide operational leadership and supervision for specific mission-sets. For example, the Air and Space Materiel Command (ASMC) is responsible for resource collection, such as mining and salvaging, as well has providing theater-wide hospital based medical support.

If you aren’t sure what you want to do, or just want full ATSC benefits without joining a MAJCOM with a single focus, then we have the Alpha Force Reserve Command (AFRC). As an ATSC reservist, you are essentially a protected freelancer. You are free to play the game however you want, and you will not be forced into any specific mission; you will have the choice to accept or deny any mission request. Fear not, there are no repercussions for denying the call to Active Duty (except for missing out on any mission rewards). More details about this system are located on our ATSC Spectrum Page.

The thing is, you don’t have to be involved in that if you don’t want to be—it’s completely up to you! If you would rather go exploring, then feel free to use our Spectrum, Discord, etc. to contact other members and set something up. If you need help, just ask and we can set something up for you. More information about our Roles, Ranks, and Structure is located here.


Our goal is to find new recruits to fill our ranks. As such, we are constantly looking for new and active members to make up our PMC. In Star Citizen, there is safety in numbers, so recruitment is always important.

We strive to make every member feel welcomed and want to stay—we aren’t here to make your life harder if you join us. You will have a reliable and respectable team behind you wherever your journey in the ‘verse takes you, so don’t worry about egotistical organization representatives or the like.

Need back-up for a mission? Just call in support! Someone stole your ship at Security Station Kareah while you were performing guard duty? Just request an evac! Need a ship? We will spawn you one! Want to find the best weapons, armor, and ship upgrades? Just say so and we will put together a scouting party! Want to freelance and do your own thing? Good luck! You get the picture here, play however you want, and get rewarded for it! We aim to provide support to not only our own members, but the ‘verse as well.

For people looking to trade or find new resources, jump on board! Let’s organize scouting parties to find and secure new areas with high end, rare loot. We will also create trading routes for our members to utilize in order to take advantage of the market. The more we get, the stronger we can make our fleet and distribute the wealth to all members!

We will build powerful bases all across the ‘verse and bring the fight closer to our enemies. Our sights are aimed at owning our very own Bengal-Class Carrier (if possible, if not we will get something else). Join us and help us lead the way there!

To be clear: RSI gives us the option to say “yes” or “no” to role-playing. While ATSC is not inherently a Role-Playing organization, we won’t stop you. So long as everything is tasteful, fun, and not illegal.

Our last major point is that plan on being the most technologically advanced PMC that Star Citizen has ever seen. To do so, we need your help! Unlike other organizations, we will have active members ready to go on missions and help us succeed. Other organizations advertise 24/7 capabilities but lack of activity is evident.

Bottom line: we look after our own and will be one of the leading security organizations in Star Citizen. Join us and help make this dream a reality!



Earth’s resources are completely depleted. A race to claim every ore bearing rock in the solar system begins.


Tension grows, and nations compete for ever declining resources, and expand their military capabilities in space.


EuroFed deep space survey ship Argo is impounded by S.D.R.A.F. Coalition Forces, three ships are destroyed in the ensuing police action. Negotiations fail… and war breaks out.


The war escalates, and military resources on all sides are rapidly depleted.


The final fleet action takes place at Nereus Harbor, orbiting Neptune. Within days the battle is finished. Damaged and badly irradiated, the flagship Damocles is the only cruiser to survive the conflict. The war is over. Powerful multi-national corporations unite to take control and restore order to the tatters of society. With little remaining military or financial resources, Earth’s governments are stripped of their powers and are forced to demilitarize. The construction of capital-class armed spacecraft is outlawed.


The corporations continue the exploitation of space, making vast profits to further strengthen their position. Earth’s coalition government is allowed to create a multi-national force to keep order in the colonies. This force would eventually be named after the last great Earth based special forces attack squadron that led a heroic last stand against the flagship Damocles during the war.


The Alpha Team Space Command is born.


The ATSC was created in 2090 out of government necessity to keep order in the new space colonies.

Nobody ever intended to join the ATSC, a lot of Vets did though after the collapse, but most people had enough of all the killing… and killing is what it’s all about.

When they first hit the colonies, the ATSC operated like any other Earth based force. They got slaughtered by the truck load, and it became clear that the frontiers required a more forceful type of policing.

Back then, Close Air Support was introduced in the shape of the AG-60 Havoc. Most Vets flew those babies on Mars during the war, and they were past their prime even then. Lack of funding from Earth meant that those ships were still on front line service. Second-hand machines flown by second-hand crews, which didn’t make the job any easier.

The ATSC were supposed to represent government authority in the colonies, but most of the smart pilots knew the score. Keep the population under control, and try to turn a blind eye to any shady corporation deals.

The ATSC was made up of all volunteers, usually Vets with time on their hands. There were a few high-minded idealists who thought they could make a difference, but the majority were just running from problems back on Earth.

The ATSC never did ask many questions. If you were willing, and you were up to it, you were in. Seems like the same thing still applies today…