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Corporate Culture


1.One core management conception:
stick to the quality as the first, the Quality is life of the enterprise.
A).Not allow the defect product to delivery to our customers.
B).Not accept, produce and transit any defect goods.
C).Carefully take care of specifics, especially pay attention to prevention.


2.The three basic principles
A).Humanistic and strictly management.
1).People oriented, forgive however not connive.
2).Strict discipline, all men are equal in the sight of regulation.
3).Mete out reward and punishment according to working performance or damage caused, not let honest employee suffer from injustice.

B).Flexible and normative management
1).According to the current situation, flexibly study advanced enterprise management of model.

C).Simplicity and clearance as standard management
1).Management needs standardization, and the standard needs simplicity.
2).Briefness means concise and clear, which is convenient to do.


3.The Wesky employee -- Seven habits
1).Positive working of attitude –every employee is boss who work for themselves.
2).Action for goal—every employee understands our struggling objective clearly and strive for that.
3).The importance thing is the first ---firstly deal with the immediate problem, and well manage the daily time.
4).Think over as the opposition—If you are him, how do you do?
5).No sooner said than done---care for the efficiency, plan as a whole, and complete the task in daily.
6).Do not transfer the semi-manufactures---the semi-manufactures are goods which can not directly used by next processing.
7).From Messenger to Manager—Let me as controller from transmitter in information side